Nanjia Yu

Carnet d'adresses Photographes & Vidéastes
  • Pouvez-vous présenter votre marque en quelques lignes? (Can you present your brand in a few lines?)
    Nanjia Yu is the lead photographer at Minnow Photography. Every camera click is an art process to Nanjia, and every frame is a testament to the power of photography in preserving memories and emotions. She focuses on bringing out and capturing genuine, heartfelt emotions in her artistry.  With a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, Nanjia strives to create timeless pieces that evoke a deep sense of connection and emotion. Her artistic vision and commitment to authenticity shine through in every image, allowing her clients to not just remember but to truly relive the love, joy, and warmth of the moments she captures in the years to come.
  • Comment définissez-vous votre style? (How do you define your style?)
    Emotive, heartfelt and timeless.
  • Quel type de service proposez-vous? (What type of service do you offer?)
    I offer fine art photography service for wedding, engagement and elopement.
  • Quels sont vos délais (contact, livraison, rendez-vous, ...) (optionnel/facultatif)? (What are your deadlines (contact, delivery, appointment, etc.)
    In general, contract should be signed at least one month before the event. Virtual or in-person consultation will be scheduled after contract execution.  Digital album will be delivered within 30 days after the event.  Printed album will be delivered within 60 days after the event or order placement.
  • Départements (où vous êtes présents et/ou où vous pouvez vous déplacer) : Departments (where you are present and/or where you can travel)
    I am based in Tennessee, United States, traveling around the world, especially in North America, Europe and Asia. +1-847-477-8731

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